The Chatsworth Challenge not only raises funds and awareness for our nominated charities, it’s also a day which is enjoyed by many.

Here you can see a selection of photos taken on the day by our walkers, along with some words from our walk organiser Gerard Mitchell. 

Saturday 13th May 2022 (Walk 19)

The clock says the 22 milers are eleven minutes late setting off but it’s a lovely late spring morning in Baslow and everyone’s looking relaxed at the prospect of a great day’s walking in the Derbyshire Dales.
It is a cool start but with a long day in front of them they will soon warm up once the walk gets underway.

There’s no hats or coats now as the early morning promise has provided perfect walking conditions for the 2nd start of the day.
It is now 11:15 and the 9 mile walkers are ready to begin their challenge.
It is good to see the blend of seasoned campaigners and walkers taking part in the Chatsworth Challenge for the first time.

This quaint stone building is located on the stone bridge over the River Derwent, which is close to St Anne’s Church in Baslow.

In times gone by anyone crossing the bridge had to pay a levy, and this was the toll booth.

They didn’t scrimp on building materials in those days but from the size of the door I can only assume the toll collector was a about six years old…maybe younger?

Leading down from Monyash to Conksbury Bridge Lathkill Dale is one of the finest valleys the Peak District has on offer. The weir you can see damming the River Lathkill will once have served one of the woollen mills that operated within the dale.

After breakfasting at the café in Monyash these lads are now well beyond the halfway point and Bakewell is their next port of call.

Both of our walks pass through the picturesque village of Edensor.

With a marvellous old church and a tearoom to visit do not miss the opportunity of paying a visit if you are ever in the area.

Chatsworth House is just over the brow of the hill and if you look hard enough you can just make out the Hunting Tower which is located on the hillside above the Duke & Duchess’s residence.

With the work over and the certificates presented it’s time for Richard, Andrew, James, Marcus, Nick & Bailey to enjoy a well earned beer.

Holly, Gracie, Peter & Paul can’t be too far away either but the camera has missed them.

I believe Tracey, Tarnya & Michal are also just out of shot.

There’s not much you can tell Craig, Simon, James, Dan & Eddie about Chatsworth Challenges as they have more notches on their belts than you can shake a stick at.

On the other hand it was Andrew & Richard’s first outing but a good day was had by all.

Dean, another seasoned veteran, also got another notch on his walking belt but somehow managed to avoid being photographed with his certificate.

This was Kitty’s first Chatsworth Challenge but she got round the 22 miles with plenty to spare.

Well done, we hope to see you again in 2023.

For Karen, Laura, Simon & Richard it was their first attempt at the Chatsworth Challenge. They really enjoyed the nine mile walk and have the certificates to prove it.

Their friends Jim & Dee also completed the course but we didn’t get them on the photo.

Clare and Martin are no strangers to the Chatsworth challenge.

They are often at the front of the 22 mile pack but took things a little leisurely this time and enjoyed the views.

The little man in the middle is Oscar and he helps me with the administration. We walk a section of the nine mile event but then head back to Baslow to get the check-in desk ready to process the returning walkers.

Jess the dog must be under the table as I think I can see a white paw by Martin’s feet.

Once the walk has been walked, the talk has been talked, and all the sponsorship has been collected the local representatives call to receive their cheques in person, and to discuss the following year’s event.

Here we have Peter (a veteran of the 2003 inaugural walk), Kathryn (CRUK), Stacey (Macmillan), Rebecca (Marie Curie) & Oscar and myself.

Maggie and Drew from The Oesophageal Patients Association are based in the Midlands so their cheque sent out via Royal Mail.