The total sum raised in 2023 was £8,001.00 bringing the total amount raise to an impressive £211,178.40.

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Below you can see an overview of fundraising to date – well done to all of our dedicated walkers!

Thank you to everyone who has been instrumental in raising this tremendous amount of urgently needed funds. Our next fundraising landmark is £225,000.00 – do you accept the challenge?

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2023, 2022, 2003-2021

Fundraising Summary of All Our Challenge Walks To Date (TOTAL RAISED – £211,178.40)
ChallengeYearLocation & EventAmount RaisedRaised to DateWalkers
120033 Peaks Challenge£23,319.34£23,319.3456
220043 Peaks Challenge£13,640.43£36,959.7737
320053 Peaks Challenge£16,059.17£53,018.9462
420063 Peaks Challenge£9,486.55£62,505.4951
52007Chatsworth Challenge£11,068.54£73,574.0342
62008Chatsworth Challenge£15,346.58£88,920.6167
72009Chatsworth Challenge£12,334.30£101,254.9175
82010Chatsworth Challenge£8,442.91£109,697.8242
92011Chatsworth Challenge£10,347.30£120,045.1251
102012Chatsworth Challenge£9,232.31£129,277.4342
112013Chatsworth Challenge£7,048.53£136,325.9634
122014Chatsworth Challenge£8,586.55£144,912.5145
132015Chatsworth Challenge£9,026.28£153,938.7937
142016Chatsworth Challenge£7,286.50£161,225.2928
152017Chatsworth Challenge£14,023.51£175,248.8077
162018Chatsworth Challenge£8,015.55£183,264.3533
172019Chatsworth Challenge£7,600.00£190,864.3536
2020Walk Cancelled Due to Covid 19£1,100.00£191,964.350
182021Chatsworth Challenge£5,744.63£197,708.9837
192022Chatsworth Challenge£5,468.42£203,177.4033
202023Chatsworth Challenge£8,001.00£211,178.4042
2023 Fundraising Summary (TOTAL RAISED – £8,001.00)
Walker NumberWalker NameAmount Raised
1Eddie Messenger£115.00
2Oscar Firmin£407.00
3Janine Firmin£408.00
4Simon Firmin£407.00
5Clare Mitchell£75.00
6Martin Reese£400.00
7Stella Mitchell£270.00
8Gerard Mitchell£420.00
9Paul Richardson-Mackie£55.00
10Pete Mackie£100.00
11Susan Platt£110.00
12Andrew Clark£135.00
13Peter Jagger£180.00
14Joanne Jagger£125.00
15Graham Reid£1,195.00
Conrad SpiveyCould not attend.
17Lisa Spivey£320.00
18Milly Jagger£125.00
19Luke Somers£125.00
20Karen Dunford£49.00
21Dan Jackson£600.00
22Katie Dunford£47.00
23Laura Wagstaffe£47.00
24Dean Morley£265.00
25Simon Dunford£100.00
26Dolores Mittoo£47.00
27Jim McEwen£47.00
28Margaret Chamberlain£190.00
29Marcus Leyshon£150.00
30Andrew Billing£135.00
31Simon Lockwood£225.00
32Kate Inwood£50.00
33Richard Farnhill£250.00
34Bev Blakeley£45.00
35Steve Blakeley£45.00
36Jayne Woodhead£60.00
37Simon Woodhead£60.00
38Christine Haley£47.00
39Brian Haley£47.00
40Lisa Walker£20.00
41Scott Walker£20.00
42Kitty Logan£50.00
43Megan Reynolds£85.00
Corporate Sponsors£250.00
Wendy Lynskey£50.00
2022 Fundraising Summary (TOTAL RAISED – £5,469.42)
Walker NumberWalker NameAmount Received
1Clare Mitchell£160.00
2Martin Reese£300.00
3Stella Mitchell£250.00
4Gerard Mitchell£200.00
5Eddie Messenger£100.00
6Peter Mackie£100.00
7Gracie Clark£55.00
8Holly Dent£56.00
9Richard Heptinstall£1115.00
10James Storey£140.00
11Andrew Clark£165.00
12Marcus Leyshon£155.00
13Paul Richardson-Mackie£58.00
14Oscar Firmin£150.00
15Richard Farnhill£250.00
16Simon Lockwood£215.00
17Tracey Hornsby£65.00
18Tarnya HornsbyNO RETURN
19Michal RogozinskiNO RETURN
20Dan Jackson£230.00
21Nick Newbould£137.50
22Bailey McinroyNO RETURN
23Andrew Billing£100.00
24James Kane£110.00
25Craig Marshall£415.00
26Dean Morley£160.00
27Laura Dunford£74.38
28Karen Dunford£159.40
29Simon Dunford£250.00
30Richard Walker£74.38
31Kitty Logan£25.00
32Jim Mc’Ewen£74.38
33Dee Mittoo£74.38
Wendy Lynskey £50.00